The Concrete Plant is automatic and based on calibration system with weight cells with accuracy of 1Kg. The plant; which satisfys high   productivity,  is run by a computer system without any labor and with the ability of adding plasticizers.

  The Concrete Plant contains many mixers with  7.5 m3 capacity to transfer the concrete mix to the sites. In addition to a number of of    pumps so that concrete is easily pumped to high elevations up to 47 meters.

  The aggregates are put in special containers provided with optical cells to measure the weights of aggregates accurately. The Plant is    also provided with mechanical mixer of 1.5 cubic meter capacity for ready-mix concrete.
  The Ready-Mix Concrete Plant is provided with a laboratory to take samples of concrete mix and keep them in a big basin according to   standard conditions of tempreture and humidity. Also, there is a Simple Compression Test Machine, to guarantee the quality control    regularly.

  In addition to Ready-Mix Concrete, we produce all types of cement blocks ( solid - hollow - hoordy - isolated), road bisectors and  pavement blocks.

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