Our business known for their thoroughness and high quality and satisfaction all segments of society regardless of the size of the work and its duration .  


Previously: " We have implemented a project the municipal stadium and villas project contractors and large  mosques in addition to the project with the school district the way all the surrounding roads and sanitation in    these roads .

 Newly : implementation of the headquarters building of Hama Chamber of Commerce Tower and the new  project , consisting of seventeen floor .

And we have multiple projects of different areas including the construction of villas Contractors with surrounding roads and completing Box phrases in a concrete project, the feed mill on a peaceful road , adding floors to buildings in Salah al- Din Street .

Supervision on the hospital project incurable diseases to wellness fund in 2004.

Supervision laboratory on the draft of the new cement plant in Hama implementation of Iranian make 2003_2004 company.

Supervision the electricity linkage project implementation hexagon Galkon Turkish company in 2002.

Supervision laboratory at the Department of Agriculture Hama projects since 2000 to date.

Supervision laboratory on the public sector company Hama projects since 2000 to date.

tdeghiq study project 104 hectares of return of the General Organization for Housing.

drash range of residential projects within the province of Hama.

Examine a commercial building in Salah al- Din Street Hama .

carry out feed plant company Silverline

carry out Soran water project _mrahlh again in Hama in 2002 .

carry out project siphon Rastan Hama in 2001 .

carry outShayzar water project in Hama in 2001 .

carry out project Kassab Bashi Mosque in Hama in 2000 .

carry out project through the station (A) to fill Apamea yield of the basin of the Orontes 1996 .

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