A biography of the director of the company Apamea


personal information


  the name: Jacob Adnan Kassab Bashi
  Citizenship: Syrian Arab
  Nascent: Hama --1,966


Master of Civil Engineering (structural competence) in 1991 Lublin University - Bologna

Experience Certificates


ž     1_Certificate Experience of Saudi Oger Saudi Arabia in 1999 .

ž     2_Certificate cycle in 2002 in the small project management .

ž     3_Certificate course in Internet and e-mail in 2002 .

ž     4_Certificate practicing Guild of Almhnsin .

ž     5_Certificate cycle contracts and preparing arbitrators which was held in Damascus during the period 22-23 / 9/2001

ž     6_Certificate course in engineering drawing ( AutoCAD ) in 1997 .

ž     7_Certificate course in English in 1994

     8_Certificate cycle in the operating system DOS 1994.

Work places:


  1- Saif Arabia company.

  2 - Saudi Oger .

  3 - engineering office and work commitments .

  4 - Military Works Department .

  5 - institution implementation of military construction .

  6 - office intern with the Engineer Ziad Alaswad.

  7-Establishment of a private construction company under house Apamea Engineering name    following terms of reference:


 A _ Department studies and consulting engineering company approved and licensed by the Syrian    engineers union .

 B _ General Contracting .

 C _ part of analysis laboratories building and soil mechanics and road materials .

 D _part ready-mix-concrete-plant

 E _ plant for the production of the block and the block and hordy isolated and block for streets.


Positions received:


 1-Syrian Businessmen Council Polish manger

 2_Head Vanguard Sports Club for the year 2007-2009

 3_member Syrian Arab Federation for Football 2010-2011

 4_member observer of the events in the House of the owners of the Institute of Professional observers in Hama in 2011

 5_member in Syrian Engineering Syndicate Hama branch since 1992

 6_member in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hama since 1996

 7_member in the Syrian Computer Society since 1999.

 8_member network of friends in the fight against unemployment since 2003.

 9_memberof the Committee for the Civil Engineering Department at the Engineers Association for several years.

 10_member of the Special Engineering Division offices Hama since the date of 03.10.2005.

 11_a_i_ara the Governing Council of the mainland and social care business association.

 12_member in committee sounding information in building regulations and practice the profession systems and codes approved by the union since 2006 to date.


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